Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Savona Financial

Well, where do I start.  This so called company is a scam.  They pretended to create a contract with me, providing in writing the contract for a personal loan.  The terms were written out such that the loan would be approved upon receipt of a down payment, which I promptly provided them.  I also had to provide 2 forms of ID, and my income information.  After providing the down payment which they requested I send via Western Union, they changed the terms of the contract.  This in fact is a breach of the contract and illegal!  Now, they are saying that they can not refund my down payment expect my certified check in 30 business days.  This money I will never see because this company is a scam.  They have a forwarding service for their 877 phone number and their fax number.  Their address, when searched in google earth is a deserted location along a road.  They are scammers and are only interested in getting your personal information and money.

I have talked with 2 different people at their so called company, Dennis Mosby and a CSR named Justin.  They have now resorted to hanging up on me and refusing to let me talk to the person listed as CEO, Tim Cline.  The company they are using to forward their called, faxes, etc is J2 Communications and I wounder if they know people are using their services for illegal purposes?

I have reported this company to the BBB, FTC, Social Security Office, and credit agencies.  If anyone know other ways for me to get resolution on this matter, I would greatly appreciate your input.